Duh. The Mojo page I

Duh. The Mojo page I pointed out yesterday was written by Catherine Yronwode, who used to be publisher/editor in chief of Eclipse Comics. Very interesting site actually, which I visited before and left shortly after finding out what she was doing lately. Eclipse is a sad story, having gone belly-up and leaving the rights for […]

What is “Mojo”?

You heard the word used in various contexts, from “Austin Powers” to Blues songs, but what the heck is it? Well, apparently, it’s a personal charm used in African-American folk magic. The link comes from a very interesting site about this Hoodoo tradition.

Finished Jack Faust on Saturday

Finished Jack Faust on Saturday (and put an Amazon link; go see what other people think of it). It’s a fast-paced book, ambitious, but not sprawling – a condensed novel of ideas, like good old fashioned SF used to be. The premise is this: Faust is a disillusioned scholar who makes a pact with infernal […]

Reading Jack Faust now (by

Reading Jack Faust now (by Michael Swanwick). Page 230. a theory of relativity is being invented while England repels the Spanish Armada. Swanwick, as usual, rocks. The book is a lovely rewrite of the Faust story, but the central conceit is batting its wings against its limitations now. Let’s see how things go. You want […]

In my further adventures at

In my further adventures at putting the word out I sent e-mail to a list of people, with the recipients all BCC’ed. Two responses I got saw it as spam, one forgiving, the other terse and reproving. On the other hand, I got a forwarded e-mail calling on people to boycott Vita that had more […]