PIP (Post ICon Post)

So, ICon. I heard four talks worth of the very witty and charming Neil Gaiman. I saw two movies – Renaissance, French Noir/Cyberpunk with lovely black and white CGI, and the modern silent movie version of Call of Cthulhu. I encountered fornicating teens (at 2PM!) in the gaming rooms. I waited around for a disappointing […]

Scriptwriter Porn

I stumbled across a passle of scriptwriter’s blogs recently (because, obviously they link one to another, just like web-tech geeks and roleplayers and comics pontificators), and had a lot of fun reading them. This is probably in part because I like writer-porn (you know, writing about writing, Writer’s Digest and all that crap), in part […]

Nanotechnology and sticky fingered nanobots

exchange of letters between Eric “molecular assemblers” Drexler and Richard “Buckyballs” Smalley, from Chemical and Engineering News. See handwaving and chemistry slug it out… Link from Evan Goer. Goer summarizes a talk by Drexler like this: Now, let’s review the structure of Drexler’s argument: Molecular operations are millions of times faster than the mechanical operations […]