Monthly Archives: September 2000

The Israeli news site Ynet

The Israeli news site Ynet today published an Interview with Didi Chanoch, Opus‘ SF&F line editor. Didi has done a great deal to advance SF publishing and reading in Israel, both as an editor and as an active and approachable member of various online forums. He also has an informative website. The interviewer is the talented Shimon Adaf, who promised me an article for the next Meimad…

Had a birthday on August

Had a birthday on August 25th (low key and hush-hush). Also spent a week in Eilat. Jazz Festival (nice), Sea (nice), Club Hotel (not nice).
My parents bought a suite in the Eilat Club Hotel probably some 20 years or so ago. When the whole family would go to Eilat every summer. However, they didn’t bother to build the damn hotel until us kids were all grown up and no longer into this Eilat stuff. Now it’s convenient, but, ummm, swarming with families, kids and noise. Very lower middle class.