Monthly Archives: October 2000

I’m sitting by the computer

I’m sitting by the computer when my cat gets on the keyboard and stares at the WinAmp Equalizer lines wiggling about. Then I start moving the mouse about, and she starts chasing it, following it, and putting her mouth to the screen where it stops. Her jumping up and down on the keyboard (and stomping on PageUp/PageDown) causes the browser to scroll, and she notices! Can this cat become computer-literate?

After trying to lick the mouse on the screen, she decides it’s behind glass and goes around to find the back entrance into the monitor.

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed BeOS on my home PC. It is pretty cool. For one thing, it detected my sound card (on the motherboard, or chipset, or whatever – not a real “card”), which Mandrake 7.0 failed to do. It feels like a slicker, faster, cleaner KDE, or maybe a Mac (simple, bright icons, folders open up in multiple windows), but there’s a UNIX-like shell you can open at any time. It even has vi, and all the UNIX command-line utilities. It’s also free of all of Linux’s multi-user baggage and obscure configuration files. Cool. And it reads both my Windows 2000 & Linux partitions.

On the negative side, the modem doesn’t work yet (I think I need to look in the settings on Linux and copy them), there are very few bundled applications (and I suspect the shareware is also very slim), and I fumbled into the Kernel debugger by running a “find” command on one of my Linux partitions (that’s the Be version of the Blue Screen of Death, I guess).