Looking up Mircea Eliade, the

Looking up Mircea Eliade, the Rumanian scholar who wrote much about Shamanism, I found both a literary biography, a philosophical essay and an online version of a reference work he compiled about non-western religions, From Primitives to Zen.

Shamanism links (from the gather-alot-of-links-to-read-later

Shamanism links (from the gather-alot-of-links-to-read-later department): Shamanism General Overview FAQ (from usenet). Links to pages about Siberian Shamanism (this site has blue text and blue links; Since my Internet Explorer has decided not to underline links anymore, it’s impossible to tell what is a link and what isn’t…) A long page about Siberian Shamanism with […]

Speaking of Harry Potter, I

Speaking of Harry Potter, I already linked to the Harry Potter Lexicon, but there are also some good Hebrew sites by Israeli fans: Hogwarts Express, the Israeli Harry Potter lovers’ site and Harry Potter Net. They don’t really extend the info in the Lexicon, but I can use help with the Hebrew spellings – although […]

Harry Potter and the Nation

Harry Potter and the Nation of Dweebs (By Hank Stuever, Washington Post): Where are the kids who are supposed to be beating up the kids who like Harry Potter? Where is the bully who is going to tell them what kinda dorkface fairies they’re being?