Monthly Archives: December 2001

Dave Winer mentioned two programs

Dave Winer mentioned two programs other than Frontier/Radio that support OPML. One is a Mac program, but the othe is an outliner written in Java called JOE, which I downloaded and tried out. It’s a nice Radio-style outliner, which reads/writes OPML & plain text, and has a pretty (but sluggish) interface.

My problem with both JOE and Frontier (which it resembles) is that it ‘s all rather autistic – what’s the output of the outline? I still prefer the outliner in Word for organizing thoughts, because it produces documents, and it has styles, and shortcuts, and it’s a decent writing tool. And for programming, you really want an editor that handles all the languages I code in, like Scintilla. Outliners are perfect matches for Usertalk, Python, and that’s it, basically.

I’m suffering from a sensation

I’m suffering from a sensation of formication today. It started when I came back from Lunch and it’s made it’s way from my leg (just a bit below the knee) to my cheek. knows what “formication” is, while Merriam-Webster is blissfully ignorant.

I first came across the word in a Feng Shui supplement (Elevator to the Netherworld), which just goes to show you that roleplaying is still educational.