Monthly Archives: January 2002

Ori Folger (someone reads my

Ori Folger (someone reads my blog! hi!) prefers XNView (“another excellent, free graphics tool“) to Irfanview. It looks good. He also notes that Opera has had the feature I noticed in Mozilla yesterday “for a while now”. I can’t see it in Opera 5, maybe it’s in Opera 6. Opera 5 does have a “search with google” panel at the top of each window frame, which is nearly as convenient and more flexible (in Mozilla, you’ve got that in the location bar).

The most beautiful feature I saw in Opera was the presentation mode. “Beautiful” here means elegant, simple and cool: it let’s you define a presentation (like Powerpoint) by setting style rules that Opera applies while in full-screen mode. This lets you write a whole set of “slides” in HTML in a single document, and keep the lecture notes and the slides together. Folger says “Open Source is imitative, rather than innovative”; this is one feature that I’d like to see Mozilla imitate.