NewsIsFree is a very cool

NewsIsFree is a very cool looking idea, a site that collects RSS feeds and makes them available in an nice format, with a much more pleasant interface than Meerkat or the Userland RSS aggregator. Its also has options to blog stories using Blogger, Manila & Radio. Synergy, man.

Ori Folger (someone reads my

Ori Folger (someone reads my blog! hi!) prefers XNView (“another excellent, free graphics tool“) to Irfanview. It looks good. He also notes that Opera has had the feature I noticed in Mozilla yesterday “for a while now”. I can’t see it in Opera 5, maybe it’s in Opera 6. Opera 5 does have a “search […]

I just discovered a cool

I just discovered a cool feature in Mozilla: Notice that there’s an entry in the context menu to search Google for the highlighted word; that’s my favorite bookmarklet slotted directly into the browser. Mozilla rocks.