Software and Programming

Excel programming links

A few Excel programming sites that look useful: Julian’s Excel Macro (VBA) Tips for Beginners, The Spreadsheet Page and Alan’s Excel Goodies.

Resources short

Fantasy Art

Therion Fantasy Art Gallery has good fantasy images. While it lasts…

Roleplaying short

Tweet Tweet

Jonathan Tweet’s RPG page



OtherKinda fantasy roleplaying game, found on the Forge message boards. The creator of Otherkind’s “flagship” game is kill puppies for satan.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Geffen Award

Here are some historic images of the original design for the Geffen award, made for ICon 99, never actually seen on a website, I think. I’m putting them online for Nir, but mostly for my own amusement.

All drawings by Suzie Russek-Osherov. The final design was suggested by me (I sketched it out, but I lost that sketch). The links below open in popup windows:

Geffen Award Image

The first draft of that design.

An earlier, different design Suzie made, combining elements I suggested (dragon, cat, space, grapes that are actually planets, and a quill – it’s a book award).