So last time we played a superheroes game, it was suggested that the PCs protect their secret IDs by wearing hoodies and hooking up LEDs near their faces, because (I claimed) this will blind phone cameras. Turns out this is an actual product, and it really doesn’t look very impressive/effective.

Aleister Crowley and the curse of Tutankhamun

A Victorian Campaign premise from The Telegraph: Six mysterious London deaths famously attributed to the ‘Curse of Tutankhamun’ were actually murders by notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley, a historian claims in a new book. … Crowley wrote in his diaries that he believed the locations of five of the Ripper’s murders in Whitechapel in 1888 formed […]

D&D Linkery

Ask Chris – what 5 superheroes would you play D&D with? Which brings me to my first point: Much as it might surprise you, there is no way in hell I would play D&D with Batman. every pre-fabbed dungeon ever – a blueprint for nearly every D&D game you read/wrote/played/ran. 2. You kill some monsters. […]