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Mad Men By Alignment

Via Jess Nevins:

The number of people who are fans of both D&D and Mad Men is small – but all four of us think this is brilliant.

The Dungeons and Dragons Alignments of Mad Men characters
Updated: Apparently the source for this is MightyGodKing, who also did a bunch more of those, for shows I’m not interested in and for The Wire and 30 Rock.


New 2010 Superhero TV shows

Here are trailers for two upcoming superhero TV shows starting soon, via

The Cape on NBC: A street-level superhero! An honest cop in a corrupt city, framed for a crime and left for dead! Saved and trained in exotic martial arts in a wandering circus! With cool gadgets and a nifty cloak! Summer Glau as a plucky investigative.. blogger! This, yes.

No Ordinary Family on ABC: It’s the Fantastic Four (with Michael Chiklis), or rather the Incredibles, except it appears to be lacking any of the charm and wonder of the sources it borrows from:

Interesting how the way they allocate the powers across the nuclear family acts to preserve the power balance – the dad is superstrong, remaining the most physically intimidating, the mom has superspeed, so she can do all those clever chores mothers do, the kids have supersmarts and telepathy, non-physical powers that they don’t threaten their parents’ dominant position, but let them have their little geeky/emo niche.


No Heroics

British Superhero comedy starting September 18th – via CBR’s Lying In The Gutters.