Verne and the Bohemians

Bruce Sterling’s two catscan aticles (from SF Eye) about Jules Verne and The Bohemians


Back from the Con, into the Future!

ICon is over now, I can sort-of breath, and now it’s time to dive into two new campaigns!

The one I’m GMing is a late Victorian game, and the more I learn about the period, the more inadequate I feel my research is. Speaking of research, here’s a nicely relevant article (since one of my players wants to be a bastard scion of the throne, and legitimate heir…), about
New Kings on Old Thrones.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Renee reports from WorldCon

Renee describes her experiences in WorldCon, such as hearing depressing tips for writing successful fantasy and talking linguistics with CJ Cherryh.

Roleplaying short

1920s links

New York City in the 1920s: Call of Cthulhu resources gathers a few good links together in a nice place.


From Turin to Glorantha

The Mana Bros. Cthulhu Pages is an Italian website (in English) which has lots of material for Call of Cthulhu, including a Delta Green campaign set in Vietnam and a guide to Turin and Italy during the 1920s.

It’s a well-written site, with excellent graphics and quotes.

One section of their site, Niteside Dreams, describes an alternate CoC setting that mixes Noir and modern Magic with the Mythos. As a reference for mundane magic, they point to a big Sandy Peterson article about Sorcery in Runequest (easily adaptable to CoC). That article is hosted on David Dunham’s site, which has an impressive collection of Glorantha material. Dunham is the creator of the Gloranthan computer game, King of Dragon Pass.