WriteExcel and TableExtract

John McNamara’s Spreadsheet::WriteExcel is a Perl module that writes binary Excel files, on Unix and Windows. It’s described in this introductory article about Reading and writing Excel files with Perl and here in a cooler and more technical article from The Perl Journal by McNamara, where he mentions a Perl module called HTML-TableExtract, which I wish I knew about 4 months ago…

There’s also a companion module (Spreadsheet::ParseExcel) and a PHP version.

…I just installed it on a Sun machine at work using perl -MCPAN -eshell. CPAN is tricky to set up (especially if someone installed perl using cp as his installer…), but awesome to behold in action once you get it going (To fix the configuration, I had to modify CPAN/Config.pm – or a local copy in ~/.cpan/CPAN/MyConfig.pm; It occurs to me that the only people following my blog who care about Perl geekery know all about configuring CPAN, but this is really more of a note to myself).