Search tricks

I find myself quite often going to my weblog to search for something I vaguely remember blogging, and such is my laziness that I miss the convenience of Google, where you can just type the query in the browser location bar (or search box in firebird). However, I’ve just found an explanation of how to […]

Color tools, CSS

Colour tools round-up – a collection of cool online tools for playing with color schemes. Lots of fun, even if you don’t need to design web-pages. Also useful but much less fun is this css crib sheet. [ both links from Mark Pilgrim‘s b-links. ]

My Own LJ

Shiffer had Livejournal codes to spare, so he’s given me an LJ user: themoniker. This in addition to my syndicated non-user (dotandimet). Now, I’m looking for something to mirror my posts here to there. The solution I turned up seems pretty esoteric, so I’ll keep looking for something simpler…

Charlie Stross, Father of the Gith Races

Strange things you bump across if Google(*) department: Charlie Stross (now finally achieving success as an SF author) is the creator of those infamous 1st Edition D&D monsters, the Githyanki, Githzerai, Slaadi, and Death Knights, of Fiend Folio fame. Now, he appears slightly embarrassed of his high-school contribution to the Mythos of RPG fantasy, as […]