Monthly Archives: November 2003

Search tricks

I find myself quite often going to my weblog to search for something I vaguely remember blogging, and such is my laziness that I miss the convenience of Google, where you can just type the query in the browser location bar (or search box in firebird).

However, I’ve just found an explanation of how to search your weblog with Mozilla. Apparently, you can write custom search plug-ins for Mozilla, as explained in the Mycroft project documentation.

A more trivial solution is to find the search form’s parameters and make a URL you can call with a keyword:

  • Create a bookmark with this URL:
  • Give it a keyword (I used "blog")
  • Type "blog theThingToSearchFor" in Mozilla’s location (address) bar.

Charlie Stross, Father of the Gith Races

Strange things you bump across if Google(*) department: Charlie Stross (now finally achieving success as an SF author) is the creator of those infamous 1st Edition D&D monsters, the Githyanki, Githzerai, Slaadi, and Death Knights, of Fiend Folio fame.

Now, he appears slightly embarrassed of his high-school contribution to the Mythos of RPG fantasy, as evidenced in this interview on a Planescape fan-site.

(Actually, I was looking for the Stross interview/slowtime chat from The Well, but the one on Rakkama certainly illuminated a side of Stross that you won’t easily find by reading his website…)