Intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth

Charlie Stross on The Panopticon Singularity: How the convergence of computing and communications technologies will enable the ultimate police state. Links to some responses are in his blog. Also from Stross, an explanation why US President Bush’s Mars expedition initiative makes much more sense as an extension of his administration’s defense policy: We believe the […]

Sinister Ducks

Neil Gaiman points to an online MP3 of March of the Sinister Ducks, Alan Moore’s odd little dip into the world of music from way back in the Eighties (I reckon). Catchy! [ tip-off from PeliG ]

Blated Mail Worms

I got two e-mails with a virus (a Worm) from (and adressed to) email adresses that I think are only connected by having been in my address book at some time.This means it may have been running on my computer, or one of the computers I used.The virus was identified as WORM.MIMAIL.R, which Symantec calls […]