Julian Assange Coloring Book

Julian Assange Coloring Book.

Blather Oddities

British Lord Chief Justice is called Lord Judge

The say, what? part of this BBC news item isn’t what is reported (High-ranking judicial official comments apropos a jury member posting trail details to Facebook), but the bit I put in my title: British Lord Chief Justice is called Lord Judge. No, seriously, that appears to be his name. Is the BBC pulling my leg? Seriously? Well then, I lol.

Oops. Turns out he’s actually called Igor. Bah.

Public Official Has Silly Name should always be the lead of such items. My mother’s favorite example is the former Archbishop of Manilla, Cardinal Sin.

Blather Oddities

National Clock Fiddling

In Israel we make a fuss because the Haredim pushed to end Daylight Saving Time before the holidays, so they can have an easier time on Kippur (or before Kippur, or whenever. We don’t need to know the fine details to know it’s a stupid thing, because, Haredim+politics = bad).

But maybe they didn’t go far enough: The Egyptians (like the rest of the Arab and Muslim world – including Israel’s own sizable Palestinian population) observe Ramadan, where for a whole month they have to fast from dawn to dusk – so early sunset is even more helpful. But the Egyptians don’t stop there – once the thing is over, they set the clock back to DST, so they can benefit from it some more:

Daylight saving time (DST) will end in Egypt on Wednesday August 11, 2010. Egypt’s Cabinet recently decided that the country’s DST schedule for 2010 will end before the start of Ramadan. However, DST will resume in Egypt after the month of Ramadan on Friday, September 10, 2010. Egypt will be back from DST on Friday, October 1.

Comics Oddities

The Real Life Super Hero Project

Real Life Superheroes: KnightVigilThe Real Life Super Hero Project, via Bleeding Cool:

[we’ve] run a number of articles on real so-called superheroes, people who dress up in costume and perform anti-crime patrols and responses in their local neighbourhood.

But we never thought to make them look as much as comic book superheroes as possible.

Real Life Superheroes is an online project to do just that. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Blather Comics Oddities Software and Programming

A new logo for Perl 6 (comic)

Not quite sure if this counts as a real comic or just a crappy collage (comics are hard), but inspired by recent efforts by more talented people, I came up with an idea for a new logo for the Perl6 project, which I think conveys of the spirit and vitality of the Perl community on the 10th anniversary of the Perl6 undertaking. Or not.
click to see the whole thing:
Click for full comic

Watchmen artwork and lettering is by the incomparable Dave Gibbons, Watchmen text is by the divine Alan Moore, Perl 6 Camelia logo copyright 2009 by Larry Wall, Sebastian Riedel‘s user icon and artwork are his. All images remixed without permission for obscure in-jokey satirical purposes.

I’ll just add that there are plenty of useful features introduced for Perl 6 and implemented in Perl 5; a decent logo/mascot/emblem would not be the least of them.