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A new logo for Perl 6 (comic)

Not quite sure if this counts as a real comic or just a crappy collage (comics are hard), but inspired by recent efforts by more talented people, I came up with an idea for a new logo for the Perl6 project, which I think conveys of the spirit and vitality of the Perl community on the 10th anniversary of the Perl6 undertaking. Or not.
click to see the whole thing:
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Watchmen artwork and lettering is by the incomparable Dave Gibbons, Watchmen text is by the divine Alan Moore, Perl 6 Camelia logo copyright 2009 by Larry Wall, Sebastian Riedel‘s user icon and artwork are his. All images remixed without permission for obscure in-jokey satirical purposes.

I’ll just add that there are plenty of useful features introduced for Perl 6 and implemented in Perl 5; a decent logo/mascot/emblem would not be the least of them.

Zack Snyder on ‘Watchmen’ sequel

Q: Now that Warner Brothers can actually see what you’ve done with “Watchmen,” has anyone tried to broach the subject of a sequel?

A: No, no. I don’t know how you would do that. We never did it, but we were going to do a limited release Bazooka bubble gum. I wanted Dave [Gibbons] to draw a comic book for me, and you had to collect all of them to make it make sense. I think it’s three panels per bubble gum, and you had to get 10 gums to make it all. And I was going to make a thing called Planet Rorschach. So you see this planet, and it’s covered with New York City. It’s like a planet of New York City. There’s no suburbs. There’s one giant Empire State Building, like Mount Olympus, in the middle of it. And hovering above the needle is Manhattan, blue, glowing. But the planet’s going, “Hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm.” You can’t tell, it’s this big, deafening, “Hurm.” And as you get close, you go down into the city and the whole world is populated with Rorschachs. And they’re all bumping into each other, going, “Hurm, hurm, no compromise, hurm, hurm, Armageddon.” That’s basically it. So I was like, “Is that the movie you guys want to make?”

via How Zack Snyder (Just Barely) Got ‘Watchmen’ to the Screen – ArtsBeat Blog – NYTimes.com.

Who watches the mean streets?

The latest production video diary for the Watchmen movie includes some interesting images, including my first glimpse of Dan Dreiberg, Nite-Owl’s secret identity. OK, we already know he’s less chubby, but look at that sweet seventies square haircut. It fits in well with the other images we’ve seen of the set, including the way the cars look: less retro-future like in the comic (with its electric cars), more straight retro with a 70s-early 80s feel.

Watchmen Movie

There’s a blog for the Watchmen Movie; so far they’ve posted some impressive production shots (click the images to see them full-size) and casting details, which are better viewed on IMDB, with faces and past credits (I actually plugged in a couple of names manually before realizing I should just look up the movie). Those are helpful as most of the actors aren’t stars (because this isn’t some fantasy cast, this is for real). The actors playing Nite-Owl and Rorschach both appeared in Little Children.

Watchmen Film Set