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Bright kids keep messing with Granddad’s junk (but it’s still cluttering up our lawn)

My response to the Perl 5/6 FAR (Frequently Aired Rant) – latest example here – reposted from a comment.

Every once in a while, like when meeting a non-Perl programmer in person, or hearing another “Perl is Dead!” screed in the echo chamber (they are as rare outside the echo chamber as “Sun is hot!” rants, and for the same reason – nobody cares about restating common wisdom), a Perl person will wonder “why the heck don’t we get granddad to move that big pile of junk he’s been tinkering with off our front lawn, so the neighbors will stop thinking our house is an abandoned shack in the garbage dump?”

“I mean sure, it gives granddad something to do, and maybe once in a while he’ll get a bright kid to wander in and get excited. But really, once those kids mess around a bit with some loose gears, they get this compulsion to take the whole thing apart again, then gradually lose interest and wander off, leaving even more of a mess.”

“And granddad won’t let us clear it all up, says it’s his baby. Won’t feel right taking it away from him, after all, he put up this house and he’ll make all kinds of fuss.”

So the Perl person throws a fit, and his or her brethren say “right on!” or “let’s move!” or “let granddad move!” For some reason, numbers keep getting mentioned.

Then we all sigh and go back into the house to do our work. We ignore granddad and his big science project. We follow our neighbors and even talk to them on the street, and everything’s fine until we bring up where we live and they go “Someone still lives in that place? I thought it was abandoned”.

And we start again with “granddad’s blasted science project” and “get him off our lawn”.

Until we move.

Things I learned at YAPC::EU

Things I learned at YAPC::EU (a far from complete list, others may have a better one):

  • The tower is still leaning (I was sure they’d have fixed it by now).
  • DBD::Oracle might have improved since we installed it.
  • Beer is a wonderful social lubricant.
  • … and so is superb Chocolate (as Tim Bunce and Alison Randal can attest).
  • While name-dropping is fun, many of the awesome and friendly people I met just use Perl in their day job, or fiddle with perl as a hobby, or just hang out in the community.
  • PIMC.
  • I look a bit like Todd Rundgren.

Room under the roof

Am now in YAPC::Europe, arrived in the hotel at noon, walked to the con hotel (without map, based on memory of the route from google maps – street-view FTW, dumb luck and a helpful local), enjoying WiFi and listening to the audible part of a Perl6 mind-meld.

When looking for a hotel here, I got this in response to a query:

The only single room available it’s under the roof, with the sink inside, the toilet outside the door and the shower down the stairs

A new logo for Perl 6 (comic)

Not quite sure if this counts as a real comic or just a crappy collage (comics are hard), but inspired by recent efforts by more talented people, I came up with an idea for a new logo for the Perl6 project, which I think conveys of the spirit and vitality of the Perl community on the 10th anniversary of the Perl6 undertaking. Or not.
click to see the whole thing:
Click for full comic

Watchmen artwork and lettering is by the incomparable Dave Gibbons, Watchmen text is by the divine Alan Moore, Perl 6 Camelia logo copyright 2009 by Larry Wall, Sebastian Riedel‘s user icon and artwork are his. All images remixed without permission for obscure in-jokey satirical purposes.

I’ll just add that there are plenty of useful features introduced for Perl 6 and implemented in Perl 5; a decent logo/mascot/emblem would not be the least of them.