Speaking of Alan Moore

Speaking of Alan Moore, here’s a photo of him from a recent interview where he’s wearing the same T-Shirt as me (and clearly we’re both not happy about it): Here’s how the interviewer describes Moore: And while he is reassuringly genial, he is much bigger, more leonine and prestidigitatoresque than photos make out. He looks […]

Dropping your girlfriend through the roof of a burning building – that’s just nite-owl’s idea of foreplay

You know when you get your girlfriend to dress up in expensive fetish gear and act out your private erotic fantasies in elaborate detail, and the next morning you can’t quite look each other in the eye?

Neither do I, but watching Zack Snyder’s Watchmen is sorta like that.

Which is to say, seeing it filled me with both a deep, addiction-like craving to see it again, and with the shuddering sick sense of violation that comes…