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Watchmen: the Hype backlash

Has the movie hype jumped the shark?

First, gripes that clips that were released aren’t made of awesome, that the last viral video sucked and that Doctor Manhattan’s Wandg is not true to the comic Then silly tie-in merchandise where the real items are indistinguishable from the spoof ones. I mean, really:

Anti-movie sentiment is not always as well reasoned as this, but if you block it all out, you might just miss the greatest Watchmen revisionist ending ever made.

Zack Snyder on ‘Watchmen’ sequel

Q: Now that Warner Brothers can actually see what you’ve done with “Watchmen,” has anyone tried to broach the subject of a sequel?

A: No, no. I don’t know how you would do that. We never did it, but we were going to do a limited release Bazooka bubble gum. I wanted Dave [Gibbons] to draw a comic book for me, and you had to collect all of them to make it make sense. I think it’s three panels per bubble gum, and you had to get 10 gums to make it all. And I was going to make a thing called Planet Rorschach. So you see this planet, and it’s covered with New York City. It’s like a planet of New York City. There’s no suburbs. There’s one giant Empire State Building, like Mount Olympus, in the middle of it. And hovering above the needle is Manhattan, blue, glowing. But the planet’s going, “Hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm.” You can’t tell, it’s this big, deafening, “Hurm.” And as you get close, you go down into the city and the whole world is populated with Rorschachs. And they’re all bumping into each other, going, “Hurm, hurm, no compromise, hurm, hurm, Armageddon.” That’s basically it. So I was like, “Is that the movie you guys want to make?”

via How Zack Snyder (Just Barely) Got ‘Watchmen’ to the Screen – ArtsBeat Blog – NYTimes.com.

The Ending of the Watchmen movie

Zack Snyder‘s revelation that the ending of the Watchmen movie will omit the extradimensional cephalophod of the comics has inspired an <airquotes>internet backlash</airquotes>:

save the squid, destroy New York

[via LMG, I think].

Reading the interview in the first link I think they’ve actually got a more elegant ending than the one in the graphic novel. Certainly better than Sam Hamm’s solution (repeat after me: Time Travel is never the answer).

And I like the trailer better, after repeated viewings. It’s easy to be pessimistic and cynical, but let’s not forget that Zack Snyder is second only to Robert Rodriguez in realizing a comic creator’s artistic vision faithfully on film.