carpet bombing is from Krypton, god is in his beard

Wired has a feature on Zack Snyder’s making of the movie, as well as an interview with Watchmen co-creator, awesome artist Dave Gibbons. Their centerpiece is of course the contrarian interview with Alan Moore:

I wonder if the root of the emergence of the superhero in American culture might have something to do with a kind of an ingrained American reluctance to engage in confrontation without massive tactical superiority…
That, if it’s a military situation, then you’ve got carpet bombing from altitude, which is kind of the equivalent of having come from Krypton as a baby and to have gained unusual strength and the ability to fly because of Earth’s lesser gravity.

There’s also a profile of Moore at the Observer which mentions (twice) Moore living in a three-way relationship with his wife’s lesbian lover, which apparently features heavily in the uncyclopedia article:

Alan Moore (discovered November 18, 1953, somewhere in England by Fleetway Publishing) is one of the world’s top ranking 13th level wizards. He has also been known to write comics while recovering from stints of summoning vast rampaging hordes of absinthe-driven lesbians to do his bidding, and sometimes his laundry. It is rumoured that God lives inside Moore’s beard, where he whispers story ideas to the writer.

On a lighter note, Watchmen movie Easter Eggs, via the dod. And if you want the opinions of people I am fond of on the movie, both Bo and Ziv apparently loved it. Which is of course deeply tied in to why I like them.