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Speaking of Alan Moore

Speaking of Alan Moore, here’s a photo of him from a recent interview where he’s wearing the same T-Shirt as me (and clearly we’re both not happy about it):

Moses, you're holding those tablets the wrong way upHere’s how the interviewer describes Moore:

And while he is reassuringly genial, he is much bigger, more leonine and prestidigitatoresque than photos make out. He looks more like a Brian Bolland drawing of himself than himself. Even the permanently smouldering joints on which he tokes are much fatter and longer than you’d credit — although filled from a soft, dark block of Moroccan hashish resin the size of a cigarette packet, not some discombobulating new strain of super skunk.

And here’s a nice bit from the interview itself:

Everybody is becoming [a superhero]. In the past I’ve tried to say, ‘Look, we are all crappy superheroes,’ because personal computers and mobile phone devices are things that only Bat Man and Mr Fantastic would have owned back in the sixties. We’ve all got this immense power and we’re still sat at home watching pornography and buying scratch cards. We’re rubbish, even though we are as gods.

Go read it it to see what Moore’s got to say about taking Acid and people experiencing 9/11 as a flashback to Watchmen:

One of my friends over there [New York], Bob Morales, said he’d been talking to some people on Ground Zero on September 12, 2001 and he was asking them if they were alright and what it had been like. Two of them, independently of each other, said that they were just waiting for the authorities to find a giant alien sticking half way out of a wall.