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Oooh, PictPress…

PictPress adds Gallery-style functionality to WordPress. Or something. Since Corky already has Gallery, this is worth looking into.

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Speaking of the martial arts…

POE News: Rumsfeld Fighting Technique (via Dare Obasanjo).

Oddities Resources

Abir Warrior Arts

Crouching Abir Abir Warrior Arts is a website for the martial arts school of Yehoshua Sofer, aka “The Abir Aluf”, aka “The Admor”. Under that last name he once produced a critically-acclaimed Hebrew Raggamuffin album, but recently he’s promoting his Hebraic martial arts style, which he ties into “ancient Jewish traditions”, the twelve tribes, the ancient Hebrew alphabet, etc. Well, why should the Chinese be the only ones with legendary martial arts?
The Feng Shui RPG had “the army of Hebraic Champions” (in the Elevator to the Netherworld supplement; they were super martial arts masters from an erased timeline where the tribes of Israel coming out of Egypt wondered into Tibet) , and the short film The Hebrew Hammer plays with the joke of a Jewish Action Hero, but here’s probably the most fully-realized and best rendition of the Postmodern blending of traditional Jewish imagery and over-the-top martial art mythology, and it’s a real person, living the story. I bow before this.


The Way We Eat Now

The Way We Eat Now is a huge article about the evolution of human eating habits, from Homo Erectus to McDonald’s. The unsurprising conclusion (well, starting point, actually) is that we eat too much. Way too much than our bodies evolved to handle.

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Feeds and LiveJournal

OK, since I switched to WordPress, I don’t have control over how my syndication feeds are formated. This means that the RSS 1.0 (RDF) feed, which is syndicated by Livejournal, doesn’t have full entry texts in the description element (WordPress puts the full text in a different element, but LJ ignores it).
So, since I can’t change the URL that Livejournal syndicates, I’m redirecting it to a different feed, hopefully one that Livejournal is better at parsing. I’m trying the Atom feed first. This is annoying, because the file name is “index.rdf”, but what can you do…