The Hurting

I’m getting a bit tired of Comics blogs, but I feel compelled to link to this untypical post on Tim O’neil’s blog, The Hurting, where he uses the media of his satirical comics remixes to comment on his own life. You can’t help but hear a Radiohead soundtrack in your head when you read this.


You should make your blog more interesting, my brother said, like write about your life instead of posting stupid links. Except, he says, you should change things a little, so that if someone gets insulted, you can deny you wrote about them, like you could say, no, it wasn’t you, I meant some other brother […]

Phone Awkwardness

Trying to contact someone by phoning them at home: What a bloody primitive 20th century way of communicating. And since this is Aya, who is not someone I call regularly, and since I have no “business” excuse to call her, there is a certain awkwardness to this. So I rehearse what to say to the […]

Hierarchy of Blogging

The Hierarchy of blogging is like the Geek Hierarchy (published science fiction writers feel superior to science fiction readers who feel superior to science fiction movie fans who feel superior to Star Trek fans who feel superior to… all the way down to writers of furry fanfic or whatever). Here it is the bottom rung […]

Marvel Comics, 1971

A Rolling Stone article from 1971 about Marvel comics (via LMG) has interesting interviews with Marie Severin (who has some shudder-inducing comments about fans visiting the Marvel offices), Herb Trimpe (artist on The Hulk), Roy Thomas (a fan living the dream), Jim Steranko (a fascinating character who tells about his youth as an amateur locksmith, […]