Nick Mamatas’ dating tips

Nick Mamatas’ dating tips: As someone who is fat, poor, ugly, never leaves the house, and dresses like a blind homeless person, I’ve had more than my share of relationships with desirable, attractive, women. Yes, many of them were insane. But still. This cartoon someone left in the comments is also cute. Update: The post […]

Dark Phoenix Rises Again

Dark Phoenix Rises Again (via some guy’s blog). Very funny flash if you’ve been reading X-Men both when they were (a) good the first time (1986 and up?) (b) recently (when Grant Morrison was doing New X meN).

The name is Lane, Loser Lane.

A Roshanda by Any Other Name – How do babies with super-black names fare? By Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner: …in 1958, a New York City father named Robert Lane decided to call his baby son Winner… Three years later, the Lanes had another baby boy, their seventh and last child. For reasons […]