Death in Sakkara – a BBC flash game

Death in Sakkara: An Egyptian Adventure is a flash game on the BBC web site, a detective game set during 1929, at the height of Egyptomania. Yes, a couple of clicks into the introductory scene, the book of Thoth gets name-dropped… I’ve posted various Egypt links before, from back when I researched my Victorian RPG […]

Characters for Con Games

Over on Livejournal I found a post by stalkre who played in my Transhuman Space game in ICon, about character sheets in con games: In the Transhuman Space game, there was a paragraph on the character sheet explaining my attitude towards AIs and other nonorganic life. The GM of the last game took each player […]

Keith Parkinson Dies

Keith Parkinson, fantasy artist, died of complications from leukemia on October 26, four days after his 47th birthday. Parkinson was one of the most impressive artists working at TSR, and did some very pretty covers for Dragon magazine and Dungeons & Dragons books, which etched themselves subliminally into my growing gamer brain. I spent an […]