Must… Uninstall… Snood…

Ploop. Ploop. Ploop.

Why did I install it in the first place? Something to do with Freecell not giving me enough of that sugary-crack-cocaine brain deactivation fix. Now going through withdrawl. Got the shakes, bad. Ploop. Ploop.

Watched 4 episodes of Rome (including the one which is the source of astronomi’s disturbing LJ userpic). It is fun, more watchable than Deadwood so far. Somewhere in the Internet the show was summarized brilliantly as having enough sex, violence, gore and pagan exotica to make you sit through the politics. It can also be quite funny, as in the episode where Atia (Polly Walker)’s household (relatives of Julius Caesar) prepare to kill themselves before Caesar’s enemies break into their mansion and start arguing over who will kill whom (“Octavia’s still mad at me, so she’d rather you kill her instead”), or when Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson) tells his commanding officer Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) about his wife’s clitoris (“how do you know about that?!?” “every woman has one!”)

I’ll agree with Abigail that Polly Walker’s Atia (Rome‘s answer to Siân Phillips’ Livia, or Joan Collins’ Alexis, although Abigail finds her lacking in comparison) is a terribly stereotypical female villain. Walker herself calls Rome a soap, and Atia really defines it as one. But while the character is annoying, it’s nice to see the really pretty actress from Enchanted April again (and nekkid!).
The recapper from Television Without Pity insists she looks just like Melinda Clarke. Which made me to look up Melinda Clarke, and discover that I have a picture of her sitting in my hard drive for years, since I ran across it while looking for images from the movie Spawn. See, I needed a photo of a cyborg-demon to use as a character illustration for a character sheet, and hey, here’s a picture of this femme fatale redhead, better save it, it might be useful.