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15 Best Skylines in the World

15 Best Skylines in the World. Pretty.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Don’t Panic!

Woah! Bli Panika, probably the best source of translated contemporary Science Fiction in Hebrew, has a new website! And it’s beautiful! And it works in Firefox! (finally!) And it has RSS (which means LJ syndication)!
[ via dorable].

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Stanislaw Lem has died

Science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem has died, age 84 (USAToday).

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Wushu threads

Big collection of Wushu threads on the RPGnet Forums.

Roleplaying Software and Programming

IntelliTXT Disabler (Greasemonkey) IntelliTxt Disabler is a Greasemonkey script that gets rid of those insanely annoying advertising links that have polluted sites like and devcenter (to mention just two of the less evil ones).

I don’t have to mention that it’s for Firefox, do I? If you’re not using Firefox, why, the terrorists have already won.