Your PC is not a familiar

Not to pick on Greif specifically, but this habit people have of giving cutesy nicknames to their appliances, I’m begining to find it tiresome.

Giving something a name just gives it more power over you; Computers already have too damn much power over us. My car frustrates me enough without attributing intent to its breakdowns.

Hmmph. I’m thinking that even giving my blog a name was a foolish move.

5 thoughts on “Your PC is not a familiar

  1. Dotan Dimet Post author

    Oddly, an earlier version of this rant had the phrase “giving cutesy nicknames to their appliances, even if they spend more time with them then with their genitalia, is starting to become tiresome”.

  2. דוד אבוטבול תפסיק בבקשה

    דוד אבוטבול, בבקשה תפסיק לפרסם לינקים של הבלוגים שלך והחברים שלך בכל מקום, זה רק גורם לסלידה מקורקי והבלוגספרה הקליקית שלך.


  3. David Abutbul

    this spam was brought to you by tomer,
    an operator in the channel #israel in efnet
    could be reached in under the nick enwhysea

    we all hate him but somehow he lives.

    (sorry you had to suffer spam here dotan, some people are jerks)

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