On booting back into Windows

I’ve been using Linux (Kubuntu!) on my home computer since around late June 2006.

No, it’s not any better than Windows XP. In fact, it has it’s share of annoyances. But I sit in front of my computer on an uncomfortable chair in a cold and dusty enclosed balcony with no elbow rests, so I’m used to being uncomfortable using my computer.

But it’s telling how much discomfort I found when booting back into Windows to do some work with 8-bit Hebrew files (you can’t even see 8-bit Hebrew in Scite on Linux), and having to make do with Firefox 1.5.0x and Firebug 0.4 after getting so used to Firefox 2.0 and Firebug 1.0. Which I also use at Work (Windows again).

Yep. Because “Desktop” is now “the environment you use to run your browser Firefox”.

Sort of like how “Windows” was once “the environment you use to run Word”.

2 replies on “On booting back into Windows”

  1. What happened to Nerdvana? And how hard can it be to install Firefox zwei on XP? And if you know what desktop really is, how come you do not use Beryl?


  2. Nerdvana? It is for either writing or watching TV (or lazy-ass browser reading, top of the food chain and all that). To get things done I sit at the computer, and that’s uncomfortable (but the Cartesian illusion helps). In fact, that’s probably why I started with Nerdvana.
    Sure I can install whatever on XP, but I try not to stick around long enough to get comfortable there again.
    As for Beryl, messing about with ATI drivers to get the screen mirrored to the TV (without video acceleration which f***s that up, and without losing OpenGL – which I only use for one screensaver, but nevermind that) has scarred me too much for me to try and mess with my display anymore. Works, leave it be. Don’t even have Opacity. When Beryl comes as default with Kubuntu, then I’ll have a look at it.

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