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Comics vs Animation vs Festival

The Israeli Animation, Comics and Caricature festival starts today. It runs Saturday to Tuesday, 25th-28th of August. My brother and his wife’s short animated film, JRA is showing as part of the אסיף 2007 segment.

Looking for info using Google, I found a lot of talk about “the Comics and animation festival”, but only when you look for “animation and comics festival” do you find useful links to the site with the full program. It looks to me like there are two (or more) worlds here, the organizers with the strong ties to the Cinematheque being animation-establishment folk, and the younger indie, anarchist, zine-making comics guys in their big tent who have the cool blog cred. And you also have people like Okay who represent comics fans and people who like actual commercial comics. Clearly these crowds aren’t talking about the same event, but it would help if they at least called the Con using the same name, like the way roleplayers, Trekkers, Sci-Fi folk, Rocky freaks, Buffy fans, etc. all know that ICON is the same con.

Maybe this con actually has a name (rather than the blah blah and blah festival) – the anemic “AniCom”. It would help if anyone used it.

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Exam Frustration begets beauty

Let’s face it, we’ve all been frustrated in exams…
Exam thing

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