Excuse the RSS spam

I was quite happy to aggregate my two bookmarks feeds (google reader shared items and my local scuttle) into one widget on my blog, except that it was rightly pointed out that nobody goes to the web page, they just read the RSS.

So I looked for one of those WordPress plugins that can periodically create a post automatically from updates to a feed. WP-o-Matic looked like a good thing to use, except that (it turns out that) it converts every RSS item to a seperate post. The result: I click a link and spam my feed with 35 new posts, each a single link. Even worse, they all get automatically posted on Livejournal, and when I delete them from the blog, they don’t get deleted there – I had to go and delete them manually using the even suckier (for deleting) interface of LJ.

So, if your feed reader just got stuffed with 35 new posts from me, I apologize.

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  1. Also, the links in the generated posts were invalid. I think it exconcatenated them with your base URL or something.

    WP, the more I look at it, is crap. There has to be something better.

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