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Lost in Tel-Aviv in the Cinematheque, 13.08.2008

Lost in Tel-Aviv
Lost in Tel-Aviv will be screened at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque next Wednesday, the 14th of August 2008 at 22:45, as part of the Animation, Comics and Caricature Festival. See also the events table here (the programme says Wedensday, the 14th, which can’t be right – but that isn’t the only error there).

If you are averse to seeing it on the big screen or being seen in public, you can see the whole movie here.

2 replies on “Lost in Tel-Aviv in the Cinematheque, 13.08.2008”

The Festival website is confusing – it says Wedensday, the 14th. Timeout (and my first version of this post) went with the 14th (Thursday), but the Festival’s programme (the chart, not the listings) and Guy say Wedensday.
So, we’ve got a problem.

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