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Love and War

Suzie, who lives just outside Shderot, has been posting to her blog at TheMarker Cafe.


Site for Fakatzot, you said

If you want more of a sure thing, try camping out at 8:30am or so on, refreshing the page and submitting their new articles – they are almost always guaranteed front page material. But you probably won’t be the only one doing so. (Same goes for XKCD, APOD, etc…)

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X-Men Origins – Wolverine trailer

HD Trailer for Wolverine (or more properly, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) at Myspace. If you were waiting to see Gambit, the Blob or Emma Frost in an X-Men film, then you’re in luck.

Comics Oddities

קשר חשמלי

קשר חשמלי is an Israeli student movie about a superhero and the supervillainess that loves hates had a thing for him in high school. Featuring a super villain that unfortunately resembles Doctor Horrible a bit too much, but fortunately is played by Assi Cohen. But unfortunately, pitches his performance to the general level of amateurishness. Funny, though. And pretty credits at the end.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Sweaty T-Shirt, please

A New Scientist reporter checks out two online dating services that use DNA matching, based on the hypothesis that we’re attracted to people with dissimilar immune system genes – which correlates pretty well to whether we find the smell of someone’s sweat pleasant or unpleasant. Perhaps instead of exchanging photos, prospective dates should exchange sweaty T-Shirts?

Another New Scientist year-end story recaps an article from February about an Italian scientist’s work on using ultrasound to determine if a woman has a G spot or not. The comments (in the article from other researchers, not on the article from idiot talkbackers) seem to display a certain reluctance to accept that vaginal orgasms are an idiosyncrasy of genetics or development like bendable thumbs or the ability to roll your tongue.