Etgar Keret on his brother

When I was 3, I had a 10-year-old brother, and deep in my heart I hoped that when I grew up, I’d be just like him. Not that I stood a chance.

Etgar Keret writes about his brother Nimrod [from EK news, via Nimrod’s twitter].


Batman vs Kittens

Batman vs Kittens at The Daily Batman

[via LMG].


mirror localization (padre, wxwindows)

Padre is a perl editor written in the wxwindows toolkit and translated into multiple languages.

And when it isn’t fully localized, like in this Hebrew version, well, at least it gives you text in your preferred reading direction:

Padre (wxwindows) Mirror RTL


Ask Bildad: Why are people in Haifa so nice?

The Thespian is moving to Haifa, following the vagabond vagaries of the acting life, and reports from his reconnoitering: People there are very nice! Twice a woman in the street said “Hello” to me.
Me: Saying hello to strangers on the street? Why is it that these northerners have no proper manners?
One who plays Bildad in the newspaper: Well, Haifa is all stairs, so Haifa people are super-good at climbing stairs. So they don’t get any elevator practice.


Roleplaying Science Fiction and Fantasy

Time Traveling Geek (video)

YouTube – SMBC Theater – Time Traveling Geek.

If the embed don’t work, just click the link.