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Military Promotions

The IDF is trying to fight a “plague” of draft-dodging with nauseating conformist peer pressure, and Nir contrasts this with an Ukrainian army recruitment campaign, where a uniform (with a dandy striped sailor’s vest!) and an APC will get ya da bitches.

But through that clip you get to a whole series of army ads from around the world, including one for the Lebanese Army. No war machines or weapons here, as a single unarmed young man in uniform walks through European-style boulevards and is greeted with patriotic pride by passers-by. Knowing (or rather, knowing of the absence of) the Lebanese army, one can’t help wonder if that young lad is all of it. But still, one can’t help but feel envious. Instead of appealing to machismo or spineless conformism, this ad tries to touch your heart, and show you that serving your country is a noble and worthwhile thing to do. It may not be very effective in convincing me to join the Lebanese army, but it does a very effective job at making me feel very reluctant to fight such nice people as the Lebanese. And that, at least, might help that country’s national defense.