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Lost in Tel-Aviv now online

Did you catch it last night? If not, you can watch the whole thing online at the Yes/Walla site (The site uses an embedded Windows Media Player thing, so on Linux you probably need some hack to get it: this one worked for me).

Here’s an interview with my brother about the film published yesterday, and a review of the film. If you can stand (or ignore) the talkbacking scum.

I love this movie and have to fight the urge to stop everything and watch it again right now, but I really should shut up. It’s Guy and Netta’s show.

Hope you like it.

Lost in Tel-Aviv

Lost in Tel-Aviv Lost in Tel-Aviv, my brother’s autobiographical animated film premieres on the Yes Docu documentary channel this upcoming Tuesday, the 24th of June at 22:00. It’s written, directed and produced by him and his wife, Neta, it’s hand-drawn classic animation, and it’s an hour long and about their lives and Tel-Aviv and stuff – I wouldn’t know, we (family) haven’t seen it yet.

I guess in anticipation of the film’s release, my brother has started uploading previous works to Facebook and YouTube. Check them out.