The War on Superman’s Underpants

On io9, a serious discussion of why getting rid of Superman’s underpants is just wrong. Their fine point is that pants over a skintight costume prevent the character from looking naked.



It’s a Chinese movie, in English, with Kevin Spacey, about someone having a life crisis (I’d say mid, but he’s too young) and his buddy talking him into becoming a superhero.

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Recent movie thoughts (Fright Night, Captain America)

Brief thoughts about two random movies seen this weekend-ish:

Fright Night 3D – First, I don’t like 3D movies because they are kinda dark compared to 2D ones. For some reason, the makers of the Fright Night remake thought that filming long scenes in the dark will make this acceptable. It doesn’t.

Second, why hire David Tennant and then have him play Russel Brand?

Captain America: The First Avenger – seen in glorious 2D, with an annoying audience. At least they all cleared out during the credits, before the Avengers teaser trailer. There were a lot of bits I liked about this movie, but it did suffer from a certain lack of suspense – Bo found himself nodding off. Were they terrified of losing their PG rating if the villain actually did something more villainous than stockpile weapons and look slightly cross? Did they figure that since we know who won WW2 they can recap things in a montage instead of showing a real struggle? Frankly, if you can’t make an exciting movie about Nazis with Death Rays, your script needs work…


A brief dialogue, in alphabetically sorted movie titles

A:I am Legend!”
B:I am Love.”
A:I love you, Man!”
B:I love you, Phillip Morris.”
A:I love you too.”
C:I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry!”


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Attack The Block Trailer

Via Guyster, the trailer for upcoming movie Attack The Block, featuring Nick Frost with silly hair and made by Shaun of the Dead people: