The recurring [K]ubuntu TV-out video saga

Upgrading my OS to Jaunty broke TV output, because the proprietary driver doesn’t work anymore. However, I eventually found how to get output to my TV. I set up the following script: #!/bin/sh xrandr -s 800×600 # resize so that cloning goes smoothly xrandr –output S-video –set load_detection 1 xrandr –addmode S-video 800×600 xrandr –output […]

Nokia, Linux – talk amongst yourselves

I got a new phone a month ago, a Nokia 6120 or something like that, with internet and shit. This involved finally crossing the line between having an electronic device and having a portable, under-powered computer. An UI that’s fancier but less ergonomic, a power-hungry screen and a laptop’s male-sterility-inducing level of heating-up (one of […]