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The Jello Strain

It is morning of Free Comic Book Day in the comic shop. Miranda and Ringo are not talking, because of breakup talk the night before. Acne-faced kid comes up to Ringo and asks him if he really desn't want her - holding a comic with a picture that looks like a four-color Miranda. Ringo thinks it's Miranda talking to him by proxy, but she is all “huh?” Ringo tries to talk to her, she storms off in a huff. Later one Patricia shows up, whom Ringo met at the Venus Convention. She gropes about her boyfriend leaving her. Ringo ignores her flirtations, because he knows she is one of Venus' “caged fragments”.

Meanwhile, Paul broods. And mopes. And pines for the fjords. All through the busy hours of FCBD.

An asshole called Harold Glow arrives, parking his SUV on the sidewalk in front of the shop and goes in, claiming to own the shop - it belongs, according to him, to a company called Midgaard corp, which acquired it at the time Miranda bought the shop. He manages this holding for them - and he can fire everyone, if he wants. He asks to see the books and is generally assholish.

The next day, they fearfully leave Eric alone to watch the shop and head to the local Comics Convention. There they have a nice time, seeing Grant Morrison and meeting a Jello-shaped alien called Xoom (“great costume, dude!” - “this the only place I can go around without my suit!”) chilling out in his natural form.

However, the fun stops when people start dropping left and right with a vascular condition that shocks them into a coma. Paul immediately calls in brooklyn, and it doesn't take the world's greatest detective to figure out that the close proximity of Xoom is causing this pestilence (“What! I am shedding! It is natural!”). The “CDC” soon arrive and quarantine the whole place. Paul helps Brooklyn take Xoom into custody - and actually goes along with him to ensure that he is treated fairly, explaining to Brooklyn that this is his duty as a Watchman.

Meanwhile, Ringo, Terri and Batsheba are left with the rest of the panicked con-goers in the sealed off convention center to sing Kumbaya.

Paul and Xoom are taken to 30 Rock where scientists analyze Xoom. Paul talks to Brooklyn about moving his peeps in the con center to the green room with the VIPs.

Xoom is very distressed by all the poking and prodding, especially when one scientist considers biopsies (“amputation!”). Paul agrees to take Xoom off-planet. He pulls the Suit out of his ring, and flies Xoom into space where the alien's pod is orbiting, attached to a local satellite. On his return, they are still not allowing anyone back into the con center. He calls Terri and learns that she is having a nice time chatting with Grant Morrison (perhaps too nice a time, in Paul-cam).

The quarantine is finally lifted early the next morning, and Ringo and the others leave. Paul is alone with Eric in the shop that day, having given Terri, Bathsheba and Ringo the day off.


  • Harold Glow of Midgaard Corp., an asshole executive now in charge of G&G.
  • Xoom - A jelloi Alien who by mistake unleashed a dangerous bio-germ onto the NYC comic con.
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