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Episode 4: Around The World in A Day

  • Piven doesn't want to fight. He says Smith is gone, and left him the business. He don't want no trouble. Ringo makes peace.
  • Ringo tries to talk to his uncle, in England; his uncle has apparently vanished, but sends him an email telling him to look up someone called “Lucky” in Las Vegas.
  • In Vegas, Lucky turns out to be a new avatar of Ringo's uncle/father, even more insufferable and laid-back than the original, with the added annoyance of flaunting his godlike powers casually. After some skydiving and pool-lounging, he teleports them back to the shop's alley.
  • A new flavour of alien, a Red shows up, complains about being persecuted by The Embassy and asks Paul to intervene.
  • Paul talks to the android, who shows up at the store; he agrees to lay off the aliens, but asks Paul to help them find the Embassy bosses, Winston and Jack.
  • Paul & Ringo take a break and fly to Greece, where they visit Blue Island looking for clues regarding the whereabouts of W&J. Ringo sacrifices a ram to himself, and divines something of the elusive duo's whereabouts in it's entrails.
  • Packing a leftover lunch of lambchops in an icebox, P&R head “East”, as the oracle has revealed, and end up in Tel-Aviv. Following the protents, they surprise Winston in a Tel-Aviv hotel, but he's a slippery bugger and eludes them.
  • Paul flies them back home the long way around the earth.
  • Paul calls his pal trevor.
    • Jack and Winston are all over the Net
  • Post a message
  • Theatrical reply
  • Talk to brooklyn
    • Meet heads of ETIA and Embassy in the UN building Tuesday
  • Take Terri back home
    • There is something I need to tell you
  • Ringo leaves the shop with Miranda, and takes her with him to buy some clothes; specifically, he wants to assemble some underwear pervert superhero outfit. Then they go visit Moe.
  • Ringo to Moe: “I want you to find me some Bad Men.”
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