Today’s dish: Voodoo Eleggua (Legba)

Today’s dish: Voodoo

  • Eleggua (Legba) and all his different associations.
  • Short article covering the basics, also found on the writer’s home page.
  • An adaptation of Voodoo to the In Nomine RPG (there’s also an adaptation to Shadowrun, but the In Nomine article focuses on the Loa, specifically the division between Rada and Petro aspects, which he predictably aligns along In Nomine’s good/evil axis). Interesting contrast to GURPS: Voodoo (he gets some things a bit differently).
  • The home page of Mambo Racine, a (white) intiate of Vodou, who gives lots of information, uses alternate spelling, and sorts out the 3 Voodoo pantheons (Rada, Petro and the Ghedes).