Monthly Archives: October 2001

This looks useful: copying, deleting

This looks useful: copying, deleting and pasting text in vi. I really like vi, which could be thought of as the notepad of UNIX, except that it’s infinitely more confusing to the beginner and infinitely more powerful once you learn the cool commands.
Using it is a total nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing, because you can’t even figure out how to quit the program (press ESC and type :q!). However, if you’re using it, it has some delightful features, such as simple search (type /xxx to search for something, ?xxx if you want to search backwards from the current position), and cool bracket-matching (type % to get from one brace to the matching brace), which is wonderful when you’re trying to understand what’s wrong with your convulated Perl, Javascript or C/C++ program…