Los Bros Hanuka

Maariv ran an interview with talented Israeli comics artists Assaf and Tomer Hanuka (Hebrew, Registration required) last Friday (25th October, 2002), focusing on their comic (Biopolar) being mentioned the The Face. The article ends with a list of recommended alternative comics (none of which are really available in Israel) and has a link to Tomer […]


LinkMachineGo, a blog where I’ve found lots of cool comics related links, has an RSS feed! Hurrah! Now why did I have to google for it and end up finding it here when he links to it on his front page?

Victorian Martial Arts And Adventures

Journal of Manly Arts is a special section of the Journal of Western Martial Arts dedicated to European and Colonial Combatives, 1776 – 1914. Link from Phil Masters’ Steampunk page. Also of interest (for my Victorian game) are the 2nd part of the Flashman Chronology (a terrific site. Must read those books sometime), covering the […]