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Playtarot is a Tarot deck illustrated with Playmobil figures.

Roleplaying short

he Valley of the Pharaohs

From Palladium games, their first complete game from 1983, The Valley of the Pharaohs, is online.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Brotherhood of the Wolf Based on an old French legend, the Beast of Gauvedon, Simon Bifi’s The Brotherhood of the Wolf is pretty much your basic werewolf/intrigue-at-the-court-of-Louis XV/chopsocky movie. This just sounds too cool to not suck, but I really want to see it. Trailer. Review.

Science Fiction and Fantasy short

Lucius Shepard Reviews Movies

Movie Reviews by Lucius Shepard (on, link from

Comics short

The Fanboyclopedia

The Multiversal Omnipedia-Atlas, a guide to… everything (for a sufficiently geek-centered narrow definition of “everything”).