Parsing HTML with Perl

The Perl Journal has a good tutorial to Parsing HTML with HTML::PARSER, by Ken MacFarlane. Worth noting that this is already sub-classed (and re-used) by lots of other modules in CPAN. Although I think the common approach is either to (a) use RegExps to parse what you need or (b) use some black-box tool to […]


SEX SELLS – NEW X-MEN #118 – subliminal sexual messages in NEW X-MEN #118. Heh. Gotta go re-read that issue now. (link via Linkmachinego) Also from Linkmachinego comes the Zenith phase 3 scorecard, which is ridicilously obscure, but just the sort of link I love (it’s part of a site describing superhero characters in UK […]

Hundreds of Years Ago

Medieval Life & The Hundred Years War is an online book about the Medieval period, provided by as site for a game called The Hundred Years War (HYW) (online strategy-roleplaying thing) Also, on further historical linkage The Siege of Constantinople (more about Byzantine military history) and Battle of Hastings site.

The Red Kaganate

The Red Kaganate is an association of reenactors that have a lot of fascinating historical background on their site about the steppe nomad peoples of central asia (mongols, scythians, etc.).