Shameless Hussites

Some links about John Huss (or Jan Huss), Priest and Martyr (1374-1415) and his followers, the Hussites. This interesting Wargaming site has some information about them and their (military) leader, the remarkable Jan Zizka (c1360 – 1424). He also links to the KMLA world history site and to Polish Renaissance Warfare site.

Melody M. Moore, Ph.D.

Melody M. Moore, Ph.D. researches brain-computer interfaces and evolvable software, rides horses, trains dogs, plays bass guitar in rock bands and looks a bit like Candice Bergen. Why does she strike me as a perfect heroine for a technothriller?

Ezrael plugs book, Superman pounds Nazis

Matthew Rossi keeps mentioning that he’s got a book coming out. The other stuff from that publisher looks interesting as well (Jess Nevins did the online encycolpedias of Victorian and Pulp fantasy heroes, for example). Anyway, Matt also linked to an editorial about Superman from the weekly newspaper of the SS, which is short and […]

Chemical nerve chip

New Scientist: bq. A microchip that uses chemicals instead of pulses of electricity to stimulate neurons has been created. It could open the way to implants that interact with our nervous system in a far more subtle way than is possible now. Found through Warren Ellis’ “diepunyhumans”: