Deep thoughts on the Matrix by John Tynes and friends and by Ran Arad. Very cool. Ran also wrote this funny FAQ. Oh, and yesterday, he killed my character. I think it’s the first time a character of mine died, outside of perhaps a con game or the old D&D days (not that much happened […]

Matrix: Reloaded

Thanks to Bo and Oren (… and together we are Three Fat Producers!) I saw Matrix: Reloaded tonight. So now I can read all the posts those nasty first-weekenders wrote about it. Capsule review (no real spoilers): some awesome action, interwoven with set-pieces of exposition/philosophical bullshit, mediated through a sequence of Mysterious Strangers ™ – […]

Star Maidens!

Maybe you’re here because you just vaguely believe you may have dreamt about a planet ruled by women dressed in platform boots… Star Maidens was A bungled British-German co-production of a sci-fi comedy – two mutually exclusive concepts for the price of one and surely doomed to failure. (thanks to Zygon on the Ort SF […]