Monthly Archives: July 2004

Earthsea Film (TV)

The SCI FI Channel is adapting Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea. This is almost cool, except that it’s a Hallmark production. However, I see that despite what the author says about the book, it appears that they’re casting white people in it. OK, so Ogion is played by Danny Glover, but in the books he and Ged (here played by Shawn Ashmore, the kid that did Iceman in the X-Men movie) are of the same people.
Tenar in the book is actually white (a Karg, sort-of moslem viking barbarians), but she’s probably not as pretty as Kristin (Smallville) Kreuk, who is playing her in this. But then, who is?

Le Parkour: Attack of the French Spider-Men

Le Parkour is a sport originating from France which involves treating the urban environment as an obstacle course. In other words, jumping about buildings like Spider-Man or Daredevil. It was used in one issue of Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency comic, and will probably make it into an episode of the TV series, simply because it’s so cool.
Ironically, in a comic (like the original GF story), it appears a lot less novel, because this is what acrobatic superheroes do all the time. On film it would be real cool (see the videos on the linked site for examples, including a BBC ad showing a man – Le Parkour creator, David Belle – beat rush hour traffic by jumping across rooftops, which looks like it was the jumping-off point for the GF story).