Games for people with lives

I’ve got a small number of computer games, and I play practically none; last time I verged on addiction was probably in University, when I stayed home for a day playing Civilization (that should date me). Which might explain why I like this article, Designing Games for the Wage Slave, which argues that game makers […]

Coffee from Catshit

Nature: Cat droppings yield chic coffee A food scientist has cracked the secrets of the world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak … The beans, which cost over US$1,000 a kilogram, are eaten and passed by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), which is a musky, tree-climbing cat-like creature. … Massimo Marcone, a researcher at the […]

Beowulf (I Am Deformed)

I’m listening to a bunch of mp3s by Momus, found via his LJ (I reached him through a link to his appreciation of David Bowie) . His voice is familiar from the Bran Van 3000 song, More Shopping (there was a video, but it went away. He wasn’t wearing an eyepatch in it). Being a […]