Making Perl faster

When perl is not quite fast enough Most modules are able to export lots of their functions and other symbols into your namespace to save you typing. If you have only one argument to use, such as use POSIX; # Exports all the defaults then POSIX will helpfully export its default list of symbols into […]

Unsolved murder of Hermetic Academic

In his review of Ash, John Clute refers to Ioan Culianu (the Chicago academic who specialized in Hermetic philosophy, and who was murdered in 1991). That sparked my curiosity. Google finds a chapter from a book about Culianu and his unsolved murder by Ted Anton, called Eros, Magic, and the Death of Professor Culianu. It […]

Diff and Merge tools for Windows

Compare It! is a shareware file compare and merge tool, and probably worth supporting if you can’t find someone to pay $129 for a copy of Araxis Merge. Yeah, for work it’s probably fine to keep installing the evaluation copy of Araxis Merge whenever you need to merge a big source code tree, for example, […]